Meadow Grass

bill92028September 26, 2006

I have over 10,000 sq ft. of ground that I would like to turn into a meadow. I am hoping there is a way to seed it or even hydro seed it rather than plugging which seems cost prohibative. I want a grass that needs little or no maintenance and that stays green with reasonable watering. I would also "like" to be able to infuse wild flowers such as purple lupine and indian paintbrush that would come up each year. Most of this land is in full sun and some is on banks. I am in No. San Diego County on the Fallbrook/Bonsall border. Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Native grasses are good for low maintenance once established but I'm not sure about whether you can rely on them always staying green and I certainly am not familiar with the requirements of your area. I have some (allegedly) native creeping red fescue that has not required much maintenance and some sea oats (and one other species that has mace-like heads whose name I can't remember) that have held their own against nasty invasives for two years now but they do change color with the onset of cold weather. For establishing grass seed on steep slopes I reccommend putting down the grass seed and covering it with an erosion control blanket - it worked for me.
I bet the poster known as "Joe Pye" would have some great suggestions.

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