The West warms

us_marineDecember 22, 2013

After the arctic blast temps have rebounded back to above average. If trends stay this way we probably won't be seeing any more frost. Interesting how this winter is playing out.

Might be a little early to tell but it looks like the banana's are starting to grow again. I had cut back the dead leaves and stems flush where the new leaves should grow out and to my surprise today I noticed the new leaf a few cm above the cut. Not a whole lot of growth, barely noticable but noticable nontheless.If so thats the earliest I've seen them try to regrow.

- US_Marine

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I wouldnt get my hopes up yet. Its too early in the season. We did hit the 70's today only to drop down into the 20's again by Wed.

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Wish we would hit the 70f's! Its gonna be close though. This is actually around our coldest period. After the first week of Jan temps start to climb. Even though we can get frost into Feb its not very likely and usually only light frost.

- US_Marine

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

we've been having an incrediblty warm fall. Low so far has been 55!! tropicals are loving it ,playing havoc with the winter garden . lol Hopefully it will drop into "normal" particularly at night for Jan Feb ?? gary

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This weather is crazy. The last two days gave been in the low 70's. Yesterday and today, brought the plants out of my garage/greenhouse to be hosed down thoroughly. Heavy persistent rain today, so that too helpful. It was actually a bit uncomfortable yesterday with the humidity so was using the car's AC. The birds are singing up a storm and saw my first/last? yellow jacket of the season. I know, arctic cold is coming.

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Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)

In most parts of California, the coldest "month" is made up of the last two weeks of December and the first two weeks of January. In Fresno, where I live, the average low temperature is 34 for those four weeks. After the second week in January, the average lows start to climb. This doesn't mean we are completely out of the tunnel, but you can rest assured the freeze we got two weeks ago is the coldest we'll get all winter. That freeze is a once-in-ten-years' freeze type.

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