Prairie plant identify

mnprairieinterestSeptember 10, 2013

Could anyone identify this? I bought a mixture of prairie seeds and can't tell what these are yet, there are a lot of these so far after 2 summers since I planted.

I could be big or little blue and or Indian grass.

I just want to make sure these are grasses...
Thanks in advance

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Its not Little Bluestem or either of the others you mentioned. Actually, it looks like Lirope to me. Are you sure that wasn't growing there already before you seeded?

Little Bluestem is blue and the leaves are dull, not shiny. It has flattened stems at the base of the plant, sort of like a teeny tiny iris. Indian grass has leaves that are narrower at the base like in this picture. It looks nothing like that.

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Oh no, it might have been growing there before I seeded.
I tilled the site pretty good though....

Would you pull these lirope plants if I wanted better prairie developement?
Thanks for the info!

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Looks like one of the woodland sedge species to me.


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You will be able to tell what it is once it blooms. Woodland sedge is a shade plant usually preferring moist soil and thats a good native to have. Lirope is an exotic import and is not a good choice for a meadow or prairie. You can google both of these to see what the blooms look like.

Grasses are difficult to ID when they are small but since you sowed 2 summers ago, you should have well established plants showing their characteristics and blooming by now.

You need full sun to get a good stand of the other grasses you mentioned. They come up easily from seed, best sown in late winter or spring. Also, the area needs to be cleared of competing plants before sowing.

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It's not liriope...
It's either a cool season grass or a sedge...but I can't id sedges to save my life.
However, there's this little rhyme, 'Sedges have edges. rushes are round, and grass is hollow right up from the ground'.
In practice, flowering stems of sedges will be semi-triangular (edges-3), grasses have hollow stems (semi-flattened circles), rushes are round.

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