Rooting plumeria in perlite

Pondplant_kid(9b)July 18, 2014

Has anyone ever been successful with growing plumeria cuttings in straight perlite? I'm not new to plumeria and know about other methods but my cuttings keep rotting in soil. So I'm trying something different. Does anyone have any tips? From what I've been able to find online they say to just plant them in dry perlite and that's what I did. I'm just trying to avoid rot. I'm in Southern California and people grow them with ease here and they just say to, "stick it in the ground and it will grow." For me I stick it in the ground and it rots. I've tried cuttings from different people and they all have died, so I know they weren't just bad cuttings. Kinda lost here. Does anyone have any new alternative methods other than like water rooting or rooting in rocks/perlite. Maybe a certain step like not watering or something. Anything. Thanks. I'm kinda in need of a fast response because I don't have that much of summer break left so I wanna get them started before summer ends. Thanks

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I am sorry that you are having so much trouble. I root cuttings in cactus mix that I buy at Home Depot. I live in So California also but the key is that you water once and then don't water again. Sometimes it takes a very long time to get them going. I also put them in a place that they will get lots of sun. The ones that I started in Feb and March, most have roots already but a few still don't. The ones I started later seem to do much better when I mist them a little once in a while. Here is a picture of some of them that I am rooting. Water is not their friend at this stage. Waiting is the hard part but it will happen. Barb

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Thanks. Does rot look like black around the side of the plant. I see black not in the center but behind the ring that separates the center and the sides. Another thing. I bought a plumeria at Home Depot and it is soft. I looked at it's roots when I replanted it and it looked like it had a little brown. Not a lot. Will it still live? Thanks.

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Keep trying, you'll find what will work for you. Some people can look at a cutting and get it to root, other people keep trying different things. I finally got good at rooting with the baggie method, using MG potting soil and perlite on a heat mat. During the summer, I stick cuttings in pots with mature plants and they get watered regularly. But I would not go that route with a hard to root cutting.

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I like rooting in water, and also potting cuttings up with a raw egg. I have heard that there is no scientific evidence that proves that using the egg actually speeds up the rooting process but I have to say, my trees that I do use the raw eggs with, develop big healthy roots!

I have had some frustrations with rooting myself. I have a Cot de Oro that has been trying to root for over a year now. The worst were two dark reds I got from Hawaii. One never rooted, and the other rooted in a year and a half!


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