too hot for plumeria?

Pondplant_kid(9b)July 24, 2014

i have a few plants that have gone soft and i think its sunburn. the affected area isn't brown yet so i'm questioning if its sunburn or not. the base of the plant if much firmer than the branches. none of my other plants seem to mind the heat. they are in full sun with maybe 6 to 7 hours of sun. the soft plants are fairly new so should i just leave them be and they will adjust to the new heat and light and firm up? its only been like a week since i;ve gotten them so it cant be rot. plus at the garden store they were rock solid. one is a JJ, and the others are just plumeria from home depot thanks

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I have a bunch of new ones also. 4 from one supplier. 3 have died. One left seems to have a similar problem but it has leaves and looks healthy except for the steam a little darker and close to the dirt a little softer than the top of the plant. I had these for 3 weeks. When they arrived they did not have much of a root system in comparison to others I've gotten from other suppliers. I will no longer order from this supplier.

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if the base/trunk is firms and its the branches, then i guessing not enough water.

how are the leaves?

how much and how often are you watering?

what size pots?

i have mine in 7 gallon pots, they're in full sun. i water them almost everyday, drenching/soaking the soil mix thoroughly.

pictures would help too.

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