i need help with 2 acres i want to see some color

mowingsucks(6 indiana)October 3, 2005

Hello all i have 2 acres of field grass i think theres one tiny white flower that grows there i hate mowing and i would love to plant the whole 2 acres with wild flowers it is in direct sunlight all day and a 1/4 of it is always wet for some reason i have a well so no city water is leaking i live in williams indiana out in the country theres beatiful flowers growing in the cornfields around me but non on my property so what i need to no is do i buy 10lbs of wild flower seeds and just spread them over the entire ground or call a friend to rip the ground up with his farming equipment then plant or spray grass killer over the whole yard and once that is figured out how do i plant the seeds do spread them or plant each individual ( i sure hope not ) and would this be the best time to do it all being october Thanks for your patients

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pam_aa(z5 Berwyn Il.)

Yeah mowing does suck. Here check this out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prairie Moon Nursery

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

I would reccomend you do some reading on both the prairie moon nursery site and on the www.prairienursery.com site.

Both sites have good information about preparing field such as yours for a wildflower planting. One key note is that I would not just buy a bag of wildflower mix at the local big box retail store. These mixes tend to not be successful for many years. You want a quality seed mix from one of the websites mentioned previously or from a local native plant supplier check, with Indiana Native Plant society for recommendations in your area.

You do want to mix grasses with your flowers. If you do some reading you will figure that out.

what is the history of your 2 acre field of grass? Would it be possible to stimulate a dormant seed bank of wildflowers with a prescribed burn, where you may not have to plant anything? Or has it been plowed and planted as a farm in the past?

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