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moonie_57July 10, 2012

Do any of you spend much time looking at the plumeria photos there? I find I spend waaaay too much time browsing the site!

If anyone knows where I can pick up a Bonnie Fox please let me know. Tropic Nature is the only place I've found that has it but it will be awhile before they can take any more cuttings.

I love the shape and color of this flower!

Here's my top 5 wish list:

Charlotte Ebert

Bonnie Fox (there's a gorgeous Flickr photo)

Musk Rainbow

Toba's Fire (great Flickr photo of this one, too)

A Red (can't make up my mind which)

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Keep an eye on 1-stop on eBay...last year he had several rooted Bonnie Fox cuttings up for bid over the course of the season. And maaaayybe Fuzzy (bloomingplumerias) as well, if I remember correctly?

Flickr is such a great site, I agree!


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Oh, I definitely keep an eye on both of them! LOL
So far I have not seen Bonnie Fox, but I only discovered her a couple weeks ago so maybe I missed one listed.
I forgot that I must have Raspberry Sundae so my Top 5 has become a Top 6. It's impossible to nix one of them. :)

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I place all my photos on
Plumeria and photography go hand & hand.
I feel Plumeria are one of the most photogenic flowers in the world!
Please visit my collection at the link below.
Mahalo! Stuart

Here is a link that might be useful: Tropic~7* Plumeria photos by Stuart

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Thank you for the link!
Now I'll spend all day looking at pics!

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Stuart your pictures are just gorgeous!!! Is this photo your Siam Red? It is spectacular, really, I'm in love! And the light blue of the pool for the background is perfect.

Moonie, it's almost a full / part time job being a plumieholic, isn't it?!! Between the photos / wish lists, actual plants, forums, we do a lot of plumie 'work' LOL!!!

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Stuart - Thank you so much for sharing your photo collection. I spent quite a bit of time looking and enjoying! I did not know you have a koi pond also. I will need to share my pond pics with you.

I do believe it was your Toba's Fire (aka Embers) photo that I saw there. It's just a spectacular flower, isn't it? Thank you again!

elucas - Yes! So much work but it's one of those jobs that isn't a chore, huh?

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Stunning picture of your Siam Red. I think I must have it too! You guys are not helping my out of control addiction!! :)

Thank you for sharing your photos. I really enjoyed viewing them.

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Moonie, (here I go enabling again) you can contact Matt at 1-stop and maybe get three of those on your list at one go if he has them available at once: Charlotte, Bonnie and Toba's Fire. He's the only one I can think of who has had all three. Couldn't hurt to email and ask if you can just do a straight purchase outside the auctions.

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Good idea, Jen.

You need the 12 step program... as both an addict AND an enabler. :)

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Hey, just givin' back to the community. ;)

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Lopaka has the best collection and takes professional quality pics, people actually steal his pics of rare plumies to sell their tat.
As for Bonnie Fox, it only performs if you have heat, humidity and light. Other wise it has a SUPER strong scent like Celadine. Profuse bloomer and compact. There was the original Bonnie Fox from Tropic nature then Matt aka onestopaloha sold something called Volcano Goddess that looked like Bonnie Fox then sold it as Bonnie Fox. I do not know if the issue was ever resolved as to if it were Bonnie Fox. The original Bonnie Fox from Tropic nature supposedly had issues with rooting, most rotted back when it was first released per customers who bought her. I bought 3 Bonnie Fox back then and rooted 2 with no issue and got one rooted. Here is Trop Natures Bonnie Fox pic:


Here is a link that might be useful: lopaka's Flickr

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Hi Freak! How are you doing? Are you still globetrotting? :)

Thank you for posting that pic. Isn't that a most gorgeous flower? I find it absolutely stunning!

Right now I can not do any plumie shopping until September but I think Bonnie Fox has just risen to the top of my list!

I live in North Carolina where there is an abundance of heat and humidity. She should perform very well here, don't you think?

BTW, who is Lopaka? I see that name pop up all over the place. And who is Anucha?

Thank you

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Hey Moonie,
Ive been to Ashville NC with a friend to help her look at houses and it seemed cool there temp wise. I actually LOVED Ashville. As for Bonnie Fox she is very reasonable now, I think like 29.00 a cutting or less if you look on TN website.

Lopaka is a well known grower and was a seller in South Florida. He is the best photographer and has an AMAZING collection!! Lopaka use to rep and sell for a Thai seller so he has all the best thai varieties.
As for Anucha he is a seller in Thailand who originally sold Sheer Beauty and other beautiful plumies. Supposedly Anucha developed his own plumies, but also heard something contrary to that effect.

OK Monnie

PS.. I am still in Spain till July 26....

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Well, I think she will do well here IF I could get the cutting rooted! Or buy an already rooted cutting... later, not now.

Freak - I am so happy that you posted that beautiful pic but now I am totally confused in which plumeria would be my #1, flower-wise. I do love Toba's Fire, too.

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Freak - I don't live in the mountains, but along the coast. Just about an hour south of Laura.

In the NC mountains it can be quite chilly, even in the summertime. We stayed in a hotel in the Appalachians a few years ago, in August, and the grandkids couldn't stay in the pool because it was too cold. In August! Yes, Asheville can be cool! :)

I asked about Anucha because I received a cutting that was labeled Ney Thoong Anucha, or something very similar. It was hard to read.

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Your cutting is one of ANuchas. Anucha has a Phtobucket with all his pics. I don't remember what its under.
Oh Toba's Fire is also Embers, another one that needs sun, heat and humdity...

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Tommyc(Mich 5-6)

Great pics. Yep... I love Flickr too. I used to grow plumi's here in Michigan. Had to give them up when I moved. Then today... back in Michigan... I cut cuttings from my original plumi's. I'm excited to get them rooted this summer.

Check out my sets and you'll see my old tropical garden in Michigan.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tommys Plumi's

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