strange purple 'ink' on my pepper leaves

DarylltxJune 28, 2012

I have been finding strange things on my plants lately. First, gobs of black feces, maybe near where the hornworms are eating leaves. Noticed white bird poop, but they are probably picking at my bird peppers (piquien). But has has perplexed me the most is Im getting strange purple "ink" on a lot of my leaves. This purple stuff washes off and their is no damage to the leaf, at least on the surface, but it is very odd. Sorry for no picture. I am also seeing a flying insect with triangle shaped wings, a green insect about the size of half a penny. Ive seen this pest before I just forgot its name. also, I am getting brown spots on my bells and they are getting soft at the brown spots. I dont think this is the hormworm because they barrel through all my tomatoes, and these bells just had something carefully nibble on the surface and not make a hole through it.

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sounds like sunscald on bell peppers. hard to tell without pictures. the purple ink could be from liquid fertilizer. just a wild guess. when i use a liquid fert. it leaves blue or purple film behind. cant tell if blue or purple kinda color blind.

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esox07 (4b)

Funny thing you mention this Darylltx. I just noticed the same thing on several of my plants this morning. The stuff seems to rub off easily. I figured it had to do with my watering my plants yesterday and maybe splashing some of the mix up on the leaves but I usually dont water in a way that splashes a lot of water on the plants. I ran out and took a quick photo but it was already dusk and I had previously rubbed most of the stuff off the leaves.

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I am spraying my plants at night with a mixture of orange oil and bt worm killer in liquid form; maybe I had the concentration too high, or you aren't suppose to use these products over a certain temperature. Remember, its still 99 sometimes at 8pm in central Texas. And I think you are right about the sun scald on the bells. Oh the purple stuff is florescent too almost like when you have a black light poster.

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The purple stuff might be berry juice from bird droppings. I do see this on the walk out front so it is just a guess.

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esox07 (4b)

Good point noinwi. Berries are in full swing around here now and the stuff on the plants has all the properties of berry juice laden bird droppings. Maybe I will wind up with a raspberry bush next to one of my peppers. ahhaha.

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apparently these birds are eating Pokeberrys the pics on the internet look just like whats on my leaves

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I don't know about the purple, but recently I read somewhere that you don't want to spray pesticides on plants when the temp and humidity add up to over 140. I would find that very frustrating in places like TX and OK where you guys get temps in the high 90's and high humidity for weeks on end.

Integrated Pest Management sounds like the BEST way to control pests, but it seems like it would be pretty pricy if one wanted to release a diverse variety of beneficials.

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