unknown seed pods on prairie plant

birkie(z4 WI)November 21, 2007

I collected seed pods from frozen plants that looked vetch-like in that they had the remains of delicate compound leaves. The 1/4" pods were in tight upright clusters perhaps 1 1/2" long, each pod about 1/2", dark brown, and hollow except for a few tiny seeds. I tried to upload a picture on the "Name that plant" forum but got the message that I had not "chosen a forum". Don't know what I did wrong. Anybody help me?

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

Look up baptisia species.

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ggopal(Chicago, IL z5)

Could it be
Astragalus canadensis (Canadian milkvetch)

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froggy(z4/5 WI)

Are you sure it was on a 'prairie'?

I can think of a few bad spp that I would not like to transfer that are a 'bean pod with seeds' in waste areas of Wisconsin. You can always seedling flat them out before you spread them to see what comes up this winter indoors.

Astragalus has a lumpy, large seedbody and Baptisia has ~ the same shape/size of a soybean. My guess is its crown or cow vetch.


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birkie(z4 WI)

Thanks for the suggestions, but the pods do not look like crown vetch, my baptisia or other pea-shaped pods. They are dark brown, slightly pointed sausage-shaped, stiffly upright in a small cluster at the top of the stem. The seeds have mostly been eaten but I found enough to plant for spring growing to see what comes up but thought the description might ring a bell with someone. There are a number of these plants on this planted prairie so I can't prove whether they are just weeds (although I didn't see any elsewhere).

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