Field Crest (Crieses)

joebryant(zone 5 Indiana)November 10, 2004

I just ordered some seed from for field crest for making criese greens. My mother and grandmother used to look for and pick them for cooking in the spring when we lived in southern Kentucky. I don't have a clue how/when to plant them in the garden (they're delicious "greens"). There is no planting information whatsoever when I do a Google search. Does anyone know dip about these native, wild plants? Thanks

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joebryant(zone 5 Indiana)

That should have been "field CRESS", not "Field Crest".

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according to yatskievych's 'indiana wildflowers' there are for cress these common names:common yellow, cow, creeping yellow, hoary, lake, mouse-ear, sand, sessile-flowered yellow, and wart. any idea what the scientific name for your specimen is?

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Clare(z6 MO)

Well the Southern Exposure website where she ordered the seed says it is Barbarea verna. There is also planting info on the website. It looks like it needs 60 F for germination, so I'd say you could just plant them in early spring. You could even plant them now if you like. If you search on "Barbarea verna" you should find quite a bit of info. I suspect you will never need to replant these as long as you keep their area reasonably weeded. I think they will reseed and increase.

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Clare(z6 MO)

I forgot that I was on the Meadows and Priaries forum; was thinking I was in Vegetable Gardening. So I just want to acknowlege that you might not want to weed around these plants if you want to grow them as part of a community of plants. Also, they are not not native. (That might be of importance to you.)

If you are sowing them into a meadow, please be sure to learn to distinguish them from other yellow spring crucifers, some of which could be poisonous.

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joebryant(zone 5 Indiana)

Thanks much, mrnatural and Clare
Clare, I just now copied your post and posted it on another forum where there are several other people (birders) who are interested in the wild cress that they, their neighbors, and my mother and grandmother used to gather from the wild in southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee. Thanks a lot!

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