Need your opinion on new bed :)

lavender_lass(4b)July 11, 2010

I have one area of the potager/kitchen garden that I need some help's next to the arbor, with the other beds going around the perimeter. It could be round, but I think an oval might fit the space better. The bed could be 9'-10' wide and 12'-14' long.

There's a birdbath I'd like to put in the middle and I was thinking about moving my two Therese Bugnet roses to this bed (they're getting a little chewed on by the deer right now). I'd also like to add herbs to this bed, especially fragrant ones. It's close to the arbor and is also the first bed you see as you walk in either entrance. Any suggestions for herbs? Do you think the roses would look good there? I love roses and herbs together, so I'm hoping to come up with something that will work :)

Also, after seeing those herb borders in the other post, I think that would work great in front of the veggies along the perimeter beds!

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Hello -

There is a great article at About.Com: Gardening that talks about companion plants for roses, and at the end of the article, herbs with roses. It's very informative and I'm sure you would find it helpful.

A rose/herb bed sounds wonderful. You would end up with a beautifully scented flower bed to greet you as you walk into your potager. Very nice idea.

Good luck!

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

I just want to caution you about putting a birdbath in the center of a bed. Be sure you can easily get in to empty and clean it. And maybe think about planting something that will enjoy the regular dumping of the birdbath water?

I LOVE having birds in my garden, and providing fresh, clean water is the most important thing, so I don't want the regular cleaning to become an inconvenient chore that I avoid doing.

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