1 meter square potted meadow- help!

yablekaNovember 18, 2004

I'm a complete amateur, but for a sort of art project, I am trying to grow chalk grassland in a 1 meter square potter. Can anyone give any suggestions or tips on doing this, especially being that I'm attempting this indoors. Is the time of year okay (November)? And lastly, how long does it take for wild grass seedlings to grow generally. Thanks for any help!

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ken_mce(zone 4, NY)

Well, the light is waning at this time of year, so you might want grow-lights. I always spill water around pots, so give it a good water tolerant surround. You could dig up strips of real meadow and see if you can use them for starters.

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Considering that meadow plants are adapted to a temperate climate (cold winter followed by warm summer), I don't imagine they'd do too well indoors year round. Also, the seeds will probably need a cold period before they germinate, as they would have in nature. There's a reason that most houseplants are from the tropics, rather than natives of temperate climates.

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