Containerized vs. ground in the cold.

subtropixDecember 6, 2012

I am very surprised by an observation I have made regarding containerized vs. planted Washintonia palms. I still have out tree large ones in containers. They are in tubs on the south side of detached garage--they get full sun most of the day in Winter when it is clear outside. I have two others that are planted next to the house in the ground in western exposure (unprotected at this point). The one in containers are completely undamaged but I see some minor burning on a few leaves on the ones in the ground--opposite of what I would expect. Why is this? P.S. If it is a normal winter, I would eventually have to protect both--but so far, December is mild after a cold November.

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Better micro climate?

Any overhead protection is better than none even if they are close.

I have noticed that there is a drift effect to how frost lays
out on a calm clear night-even though the south side seems
like it would be the warmest the east has the best micro-climate.

Once you get cold enough though-that kinda goes away.

My drift theory;

Flying a R/C helicopter in front of the house on a perfectly
calm day-I noticed that even 60' above the ground the
air was moving-in this case out of the north and west to the south.

North worst,west next and then the south,east side was the best-but not the warmest-

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I think it's a better mircoclimate and the fact that the ground is probably cooler than the pot is since we have not had many penetrating freezes, but we have had warm and sunny days.
My majesty palms are still alive with only some tip damage which is great considering we are almost halfway done with December and November was well below average temperature wise. The lantanas under the majesty palm (they are both in a brick planter by the front of my house which is a southern exposure) are blooming as well as they were during the summer which is thanks to the warm microclimate. My lantanas in the ground have tip burn and are not blooming anymore.

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