weird thing i found

morgan88November 7, 2005

i usually post in the home areas so hello all.

we've been living on these 5 acres in west central ohio for a year now. three of the five acres are pretty much wild w/ a trail mowed through. we call it our bird and butterfly sanctuary. it used to be a pasture for sheep, but now everything is growing. there are wildflowers and weeds and thistles. there is also a little stream w/ cattails and fern. i don't know if this qualifies as a prairie yet, but i could find no section called "used to be pasture".

anyway, i was walking along the trail and i found the weirdest thing i had ever seen in my life sticking out of the ground. it looked like a red witch finger sticking out of the ground. it showed up when the weather cooled off and it came out of nowhere. since then i have seen a few others in the same area. they eventually shrivel and disappear. it is finger shaped, a very long skinny finger, and made from this spongy red almost skin like material. there is a small hole at the very end.

i have lived in rural ohio my whole life and i have come across some odd things, but this is a first. i hope someone out there knows what i am talking about.

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

It sounds like one of those stinkhorn mushrooms.

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oh my goodness! that's it! the only thing is that i didn't smell anything. curious.

how did you get that? i would have never guessed in a million years. thank you so much. i hate not know what things are. with this thing i had no idea where to begin.

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gardeners_hands(8, coastal WA)

oh wow! that is a GREAT site ahughes798! I was 'lost' there for about an hour wandering through all the info they have. Fascinating!

Here is a link that might be useful: Study of North Virginia Ecology

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froggy(z4/5 WI)

and ur area is called an 'old field'

so at the next cocktail party, u can bring this into the conversation, ' say, i was walking in my old field when i came across some stinkhorn's.'

if that doesnt start a conversation, either i dont wanna talk to them or they are dead.


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