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emagineer(z5 CO)August 18, 2008

Well, now I know what my yard is called. I thought this forum was about gardeners planting in "Pots". Just wandered in and found that my garden is your garden. And it makes me very happy to know I have a perfect place to join in with like thinking gardeners. Looking forward to reading all and hopefully sharing positive adventures.

I am taking out half of the back lawn for my veg. garden. The only direct/full sun is located in the area. Have been on the fence with this until reading what others here are doing. Will be using the lasagna method which worked wonders in the front yard. I removed half the lawn in front too and used this method for creating surrounding beds planted in xeriscape. The areas are a jungle after 2 years and now most need transplanting.

Sandy in CO

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Hi Sandy,

Thank you for directing me to this forum from the Small house forum. I did not know the kind of gardening I have done for years had a name either. How great. And so many would look down their nose at me when I just planted my veggies between my flowers.I always thought WHY NOT??

I am hoping to get lots of good help getting our yard set up since I have a clean slate with the new house. This has good and bad sides to it. Still I am excited and hope I can get it right this time.


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melle_sacto(Z9/Sunset 14 CA)

Hello! I read your post on Small Homes about potager gardening--this is my gardening style too!!!! I never knew...

I don't have any front lawn and only a small back lawn. Can't wait to start reading here as well. :-)

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emagineer(z5 CO)

So glad I was of help. Now, where are all the members? Guess we can read up on old posts, peruse the garden photos and figure out how to do this successfully.

Summer seems to have ended abruptly in CO. Or where did summer go? Will be fun to make some changes in my yard and plan for spring during the winter.

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I became active in the Cottage Garden Forum in June, but look here from time to time. I'll have to check to see if any of you have posted photos of your yards. We have a small corner lot, with a veggie garden in the back. I have flowers and veggies there, and from time to time, have stuck peppers or tomatoes other places. My DH isn't as comfortable with that, but my tomatoes get diseased every year, and I need to rotate them, so I may get bold and put some of them in my new bed in the front that I'm trying to get the full cottage look in.


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granite(z6 NC)

Welcome to Potager Gardening! Post some pictures of your yards whether they are all set up and pristine or if you are planning a complete overhaul. Some of my favorite threads are the before, during and after shots and discussions.

So what did you do today in your yard? I took some time this weekend to clear out my backyard growing areas; moving the vines and leaves of the finished veggies into the compost area, re-marking and edging the rows, adding compost, moving volunteer lettuce into the new bed, adding mulch to walkways, picking peppers and tomatoes. Whew. I'm planning to extend the veggie plantings next year; with the economy doing its thing I want to produce more food right here at home.

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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

I don't have anything like a potager garden yet, but I love to look at the pictures here, and imagine the day when I will.

My goal is to get our whole third of an acre in working production.

It's slow going, because I want this production to be as xeric as possible, while including seasonal edibles, trap crops, pollenizer habitats, and perennial fruits and vegetables.

It's taken me quite a long time to even know enough about gardening to describe it. I can't believe there are those of you who garden this way naturally!


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listenstohorses(6 & 8)

Anyone out there??? I just found a name for my idea of gardening, but no one seems to be home. I have been busily planing my yard and fencing spots off from my chickens and livestock. I will also be landscaping our retirement home. I sure would like some company here. I will go out and get photos of what I have done so far.

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granite(z6 NC)

This forum seems to "sleep" a bit during the winter, it will take off once everyone has established their spring plantings and taken a few pictures. I'm watching a cold rain and telling my indoor seedlings to GROW GROW GROW. I'm also making my plans for new fences and to make "arbors" out of cattle panels.

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I keep stopping by waiting for action too! I love this forum, but it is really quiet. I look forward to people's pictures!

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listenstohorses(6 & 8)

Oh good!! I was away from my computer and off with my horse for a few days. I am so happy to be back and to find some life here. I am also happy to find my walking onions are taking off great too. Noting happening with my asparagus seed but 2 of my artichokes are looking good. Tomatoes are fine and we even have one green one the size of a golf ball. Squash has bloomed but this hard rain knocked them off. Everything I plant I have to try to keep safe from the livestock too.

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

It's the same with me and the livestock. I've gotten the flower gardens in the front pretty well sealed off but now that we have lost both of our little Jack Russell dogs, the rabbits are having a hey-day. I have hired a young cowboy to come fence in the rest of the yard next month. YEAH! I've had my potager plans laid out for several years but health got in the way. Now I am busy modifying everything so I can garden from my chair. It is still going to be great, just a little slower coming to fruition. Have a great gardening season, all!


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Memo we used to have a cow and she was a love to garden with. She would stand by the fence waiting for her weeds I would toss over to her. Then she would provide fertilizer for me . Well and milk butter and cheese. Had to give her up. My hands would not take the milking any more. Sort of miss never being alone in the garden.

Also I got nostalgic seeing your user name. We called my Grandmother Memo. She was so wonderful.

Can't wait to get into gardening here too. Still too wet. That sticky soil would make my shoes gum boats in one pass across the yard. OH UGH Scary.


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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

Chris, MeMo is a name given to me by my youngest daughter when she was about three. She's sixteen now (almost seventeen) and it is still what she calls me. It annoys me greatly that GW makes it look like my user name is A memo, a note, nothing important, LOL! Besides, I'm not one to write memos, I write in volumes. Ha!


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