Whitlow grass Draba verna)

mwbeall(IN5 E tallgrassregion)November 27, 2006

I have read sev posts here abt "rogue" annuals (chickweed, etc) that come up after a clean planting. I had a bunch of this (Draba verna) come up this season. Comments, please, Joe, Lady, All?

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i get this too, and in fact, any place where the ground is bare, they come in droves. the worst time for me is the spring, though, i noticed this weekend it has infested the border of my vinca minor.

this year i was planning on trying to use some pre-emergent...hit it a few times. i am particularly worried about this as i am in the middle of putting in a ground cover of liriope -- but i will use wood mulch to help the ground retain moisture until the liriope takes over.

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