Hedge trimmer for weed control

mwbeall(IN5 E tallgrassregion)November 27, 2006

Hey, ALL!!!

I found a great tool! I bought a cordless hedge trimmer! It works great for topping small plots. I hope you can have the same joy I had trimming the "nasty's" out of your small plots and it makes for a grrreat day, given good weather. I use it on that pokeweed too! Check it out; it cost me abt $79!

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I have been using one since this summer. It is very useful and easier to operate than gas powered trimmers. The only down sides are that the batteries only last about 30-40 minutes and the trimmer can't handle anything that is too thick or too tough. I bought a second battery to extend the amount of time I can use the trimmer in a given day.

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