Native grasses as a lawn

bwmilam_tn(6b)December 15, 2006

I live in the midst of suburbia with less than a ¼ of an acre. IÂd much prefer to use a native grass, but it will have to be cut on a regular basis. Are there any options for someone like me living in Nashville, TN  a transitional zone? Are there any native grasses that have similar color as a standard tall fescue? Any ideas?

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

Not really, if you are tyring to achieve the manicured lawn aesthetic - then you probably don't want to use natives. Most are bunch forming grasses that perform better when left unmowed.

There a few "sod" forming native grasses, western wheat grass and side oats grama, but I am not sure if they are native to Tennessee and I wouldn't recommend mowing them regularly either.

Why would you have to cut your lawn on regular basis? HOA?

If you live in a neighborhood regulated by HOA and you have to maintain some type of turf grass, I would recommend that you research organic lawn care. There is a pretty good description in the FAQ page on the organic gardening forum.

Or you can ask some questions in the lawn care forum about what type of grass is best for your soil and your climate.

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Joe - actually, I did ask this same question over on the Lawn Care forum. Bpgreen suggested asking it on this one.

It sounds like I'm out of luck.

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