New to plumerias, first summer with my new favorite plant!

AeroViper1(8b)July 29, 2014

Hello all!

I'm new to the plumeria world. I have been a long time admirer of this beautiful tree for quite some time. I have had poor luck in the past with ebay bought cuttings but found a friend who has cuttings of his own! He gifted me these two at the end of last summer and I have cared for them since. I kept them inside all winter in a sunny window and they continued to produce leaves. I have had them out in full sun since the beginning of the summer.

How am I doing?
What should I expect?
Any advice for the yellowing/browning of the leaves? Rust?

I am using a 9-58-8 blooming fertilizer. I just started fertilizing last week and will continue every 10 days.

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Hi and welcome. Do you know what kind your plants are? I think our resident North Carolinian is Mona. She is a regular poster and will be able to give great advice tailored to your locale.

Fertilizers can be made as complex or simple as you want it. As you get more comfortable with your new Plumerias you can always experiment with other fertilizers but for right now I would look for a more forgiving balanced fertilizer such as Osmacote 14-14-14 or use what you have and adjust longer the application schedule AND cut the dosage down by at least half to prevent salt build up in your soil.

Leaves turning brown from the bottom of the plant are easily surmised as they are done and the plant no longer has use for them. If it continues past the bottom most leaves then it could be other issues such as too much or too little water. The best thing is be consistent and observe then adjust until you come up with your sweetspot. Good luck.

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Thanks kms2, I do not know what kind and won't be able to find out. :(

I have been reading about cutting the dosage in half with fertilizer. I'm going to start that on my next feeding.

I look forward to learning from Mona!

I love tropical plants and find Charlotte to be a pretty good environment if you stay diligent. I use trial and error as best I can but go ahead and assume I know nothing :)


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I have noticed a dramatic slow down in leaf production. Not sure what this means either.

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