Potager for kids

lavender_lass(4b)August 18, 2009

I want to thank everyone for their help in designing my garden. I've decided to go with a vegetable "kitchen" garden with flowers for my larger garden area. I think it will give me more room for larger crops and just use mulch for pathways (that I can dig under for the next year).

However, I really thought Lulabelle's potager was very pretty and quite charming. I've already started a "fairy garden" for my nieces, with a grass path down the middle and an arch on one end. I'm thinking of adding another arch that will lead to a small potager. I plan to have smaller beds, 1 1/2 feet deep around the edges of the bed, with two middle beds (rather than four) that are 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep. It would be enclosed with a lattice fence, starting a few inches off the ground, hopefully making it easier to weed.

I plan to grow smaller versions of vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes, small carrots, petite peas, small cabbage and other fun vegetables, as well as edible flowers and shorter sunflowers along the back fence. My hope is to inspire my nieces and nephews to want to help me in the garden and eat their vegetables, as well as enjoying the flowers and fresh air.

It would also give me a good place to include my salad vegetables. So far I haven't fenced in any of my small garden beds, and nothing has eaten the lettuce, spinach or anything else, but we'll see if that lasts :)

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks for all the input so far!

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love that you are getting the children involved. how about starting peas or pole beans on your arches?

just wait...the rabbits will find your lovely garden eventually!!!

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I don't usually have any problem with rabbits (I've never even seen them around the house) mice, moles, etc. because we have a lot of barn kitties that like to sleep in the backyard.

We have some deer, but so far, only one comes around the house. She likes to sneak down and use the horses' salt lick when they're out in the pasture. I had to move my roses once this summer (they were too close to the salt lick side of the pasture)and replace them with blueberries. She doesn't seem to like those. She hasn't found the roses since I moved them to the front of the house. I planted a lot perennials and lavender in front of them and so far she hasn't tried to snack on them. She hasn't bothered the vegetables, but I planted a lot of herbs and marigolds around them, so maybe she doesn't like those plants either.

I'm really looking forward to getting the kids more involved in the garden. My nieces and nephews are already planning their lists of things they would like to grow. I don't know if I'll have room for everything, but at least one thing from each child should work. My husband has a huge family, so we have lots of nieces and nephews, but only a few have gardens of their own.

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