Year 2 of my Front Yard Potager

emcalister1(7)August 27, 2008

I finally figured out how to post pics here. Here are a series of pics of my front yard potager garden from the past year. I love berries, so they play a major role in the potager, taking up over 1/2 of the beds.

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jnfr(z5b CO)

Oh, that's lovely. I wish my neighbors had such beautiful and productive yards to look at! Do you have trouble with veggie thieves?

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Maybe it's living in the 'burbs, but I haven't had any thieves or vandalism, other than a pesky mole popping up mounds of dirt everywhere.

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Beautiful garden. I am so impressed.

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todancewithwolves(Z9 CA)


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That's gorgeous! I love how you made little sitting areas in there!

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Beautiful. Looks like a how-to from Mother Earth News. Thanks for the photos.

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I am fortunate in living close to Seattle, famous for its urban gardening. We in the Northwest are incredibly lucky to have a resource such as Seattle Tilth available. Their demonstration and community garden is an inspiration for organic potager gardening.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seattle Tilth

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

It's just gorgeous, what do your grass loving neighbors think of it? There seems to be a lot of them!!

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I love your yard! What is your lot size? I hope someone got that milk put away before it turned sour. LOL

Sue, who became active in the Cottage Garden Forum in June, but reads here off and on

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ninjabut(USDA z 8,CA)

Lovely! I love how the seating changes and you add and add! Much like my garden! I love to go out in the evening and sit and have a glass of wine and just LOOK!
I'm curious about those red things for watering? I've never seen them before. How do they work?
Also, what is thet round thing added in about pic #3 or so? I LOVE it! I LOVE yard art! Nancy

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ninjabut: I just spent most of the day out there harvesting. The mint and fennel are flowering so the aromas make it a particularly pleasant place to be.
Those red things are tomato trays; the red color reflects a certain frequency of light back up on the plants which encourages growth. The other day the whole tomato trellis came crashing down from the weight!

That round thing is a stained glass ladybug wind chime.
lvtgrdn: my front yard is roughly 40X30 feet.

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Your garden is beautiful!

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dogridge(7b nc)

Love you garden. I am just starting mine.

What is the big round table top planter thing? A fountain with plantings? Can you take a closer picture? I'd like to do something like that for strawberries.


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granite(z6 NC)

Gorgeous yard and garden, very inspirational! I sent this link to my niece who is planning to start a veggie garden of raised beds in her yard.

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So beautiful!!!!! What an inspriation. I'm wondering what your yield of raspberries is like? I'm also trying to fit a lot of berries into my potager, raspberries are my favorite, trying to figure out how many to plant.



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Hi Jenn, I guess it depends on what yields you're looking for. I'm a raspberry fiend so I want big yields. I planted 20 feet of 4 foot wide raised bed. My first real fall harvest this year was big, but the beds will fill in and yields will go even higher. Make sure you buy the kind that sets fruit twice per year, first on the prior year's canes and then on the new canes in the fall.

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Wow this is beautiful and bountiful! Did you do a post of yr 1? I'd love to know the step by step you took to acheive this! It's something I am looking to do in my front garden (all edibles)

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listenstohorses(6 & 8)

Oh wow! I have got to share this. You have done a great job of both working the garden and of sharing. Thank you.

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Beautiful an inspirational. Question: Do you have problems with the nearby tree roots growing into the beds under the boxes, the bottom part of the beds? I do, an if I don't cut them out they take over my beds making it impossible to plant. Although my intent was to have a no till garden, those darn roots.............thanks for your input.

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GREAT garden!

Question: the fourth pic down you show a trellis system I haven't seen before - the one with the strings running up at an angle in sets of two - what plants do you use that for?


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I'm sorry for not replying to your questions earlier. Thank you for your comments. I am finding myself out in the garden every day now getting something ready.

Regarding roots: I generally don't have problem with roots, possibly because of the raised beds.

the bars with string are for peas and beans. Made with conduit and a length of rebar on the ground to hold down the string.

A word of warning for anyone trying the same system for growing tomatoes on a string: 1x2s won't cut it. In August of last year the whole system broke under the weight of the plants. I recommend 2x2s at the very least.

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Bogart(6 Ont.)

These pix and your year 1 pix are just great. I've always had a problem with grass migrating under wood edging into beds. Did you experience this or was the newspaper enough of a barrier, in addition to the new topsoil depth?

Do you add compost/manure every year?

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bogart, cutting out a 2 inch border channel really limited the ability of the grass to get inside the beds. The 12 inch depth of the beds is also a factor I'm sure.

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sneaking over here from the Cottage Garden forum and all I can say is WOW!!!!! - That is one impressive garden. I wanted to get some ideas for my husbands garden - his is all raised beds and I have wanted to get more of a portage look to it and this sure fits the look we can easily acheive. Again WOW - really enjoyed seeing it from all seasons .....


    Bookmark   May 6, 2009 at 12:40PM
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