Would this be considered a Potager?

LuvMyRazz(8)September 15, 2013

Hello! I'm new to gardening (this year) and someone told me to post pics of it here. You all have beautiful gardens!

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nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)

It's a start! I think if you add some flowers and some interesting trellises/yard art/rocks, maybe a shaded sitting area (be sure it doesn't shade your growing area!). I have a separate area that is all nasturtiums, creeping thyme and herbs in containers as well as flowers.
I have 2 sitting areas. 1 for late afternoons with a glass of wine in the garden, nice, quiet and shady after a hot day. The other for enjoying the last of the sun in the fall for a warm end to the day as the days cool (also with a nice glass of wine!) LOL
I can see those tree stumps either being used as side tables (for those glasses of wine!) or for a bunch of large pots of herbs grouped together!
Maybe some yard art on the shed? It looks like it's too close to the beds to grow anything invasive.
Just a couple of thoughts! Keep looking through these threads! Some people have AMAZING gardens!
Mine's pretty good, but I don't know how to post pics yet! Nancy

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Really nice! You have some great ideas. I can definitely see those tree stumps incorporated into a herb bed.

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Jennifer_Ruth(Z 10, Sunset Z 23)

I know this is an older post, but I just wanted to put in my two cents' worth. First, I really love your fence! What a nice design.

And second, when I look at that shed wall, I see a wonderful blank canvas. Unless that's the north side of the building, if you put up a tall trellis, you can grow:

Pole beans
Sweet peas (the flowering kind--don't eat them; they're not edible--but they smell heavenly)
Regular garden peas
Snap peas (I think the original Sugar Snap has the best flavor, and it needs a tall trellis)
Espaliered apple or pear trees (it might be a little tight if you plant them by the raised beds, but you could put them in the middle and near the ends)

If the shed wall is on the north side of the building, you could try a shade tolerant rose. I've read that the old garden rose Zephirine Drouhin can be grown on the north side of a building. It smells wonderful and is a rich deep rose pink color. It's also thornless, which is important so close to the garden beds. Buy it from a reliable nursery, because the ones from the discount stores always die--rose virus or something. I should mention, however, that roses don't climb the trellis with out help; you have to tie them on.

If you make your trellis at least 6 feet tall, preferably 8', the plants will thank you by being more productive. I once lived where we had a 6' chain link fence. It wasn't very pretty in winter, but in summer it looked wonderful with all the climbers I could grow on it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Zephirine Drouhin rose

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