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weeksc07September 12, 2013

So I'm a giant nerd and love the life style that Tolkien's Hobbits live, but unfortunately I can't remove myself to the Shire. What I can do, however, is cultivate my own little piece of Middle-earth in my back yard where I can go and relax and withdraw from our complicated world for a little while. What I came here for, though, is your help. I want to grow organic and heirloom where possible and I'm looking for suggestions of fun, Shire-y looking or sounding cultivars. I know for a fact that I want to grow early, main and late season varieties of potatoes (Rose Finn Apple and Irish Cobbler are two I'm interested in); runner beans (Painted Lady); carrots; a mix of greens in interesting shapes and colors; Charentais melons (these are a perfect example of what I'm going for: a little unusual to give it that sort of fantasy element, but completely logical to the Shire, unlike bananas or peppers); Brandywine tomatoes are an obvious choice, thanks to the Brandywine River; and many others. I'm also interested in edible flowers and I am definitely planning on growing nasturtiums, or as Tolkien would say, 'nasturtians' (right now Vanilla Berry are my choice, but I want to hear your thoughts). So give me your suggestions and rationale and let's start a discussion.

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You could grow Dragon Tongue Bush Bean for Smaug! Or green arrow peas for Legolas! lol this is too fun what a great idea.

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I also found a variety of apple named Pippin!

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