fall colors

mrtoad(7b NC)September 23, 2009

the fall colors seem to work this year - mr toad

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Pretty flowers! Do you like patio gardening better? That is beautiful!

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mrtoad(7b NC)

i am not sure what you mean by patio garden - but i have tried to create a small french potager - i grow veggies, fruit, herbs and flowers - the first photo was taken a few days ago and the second a few years ago - the physical layout of the potager is almost completed - my next two goals would be to plant all french seeds and move to extend the garden season - thanks, mr toad

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

That's just beautiful. I love the tuteurs and the layout of the beds. What an enormous amount of work you have done!

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alicate(SW Michigan, zone 5)

Beautiful garden! I have a question for you. Did you first install the pavers everywhere and then build your beds on top or did you lay the raised bed and then put the pavers around them in the aisles?

I have a raised garden area similar to yours and I would like pavers in my aisles but my beds are already created.

Just curious....thank you!

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The pavers are so well done, it almost looks like a patio garden in the first picture. I'd like to know if you put the pavers down first as well. I have some antique bricks I'd like to use in an herb garden and I'd rather not cut them if possible.

Beautiful photos! What plants do you grow on the tuteurs and arbor? Any roses? Your garden looks very french to me...tres chic :)

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nycynthias(Z6 NY)


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mrtoad(7b NC)

thanks for the kind comments - first the design - laid brick - keeping garden compact as possible - leaving just enough room for wheelbarrow - put in wooden timbers for raised beds - then cut a few bricks for final fit - this has been a seven year project and hope to be finished this spring - tuteurs? i have grown flowers and climbing veggies - but now nothing on them - i have a sedum panted underneath - i am retired and my ideas are to use plants that do not have to be replaced - but the potager is still used very much for a kitchen garden - mr toad

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