Palm? trunk broken - what to do?

jdoram(8 uk)December 27, 2013

Hello, recent storms have resulted in a tree in my garden breaking in two at the trunk. I think it may be a palm tree, but this is just a guess. (image attached of the flowering top of the plant and remaining tree)

Does anyone know what the specific species this tree is? and also, as it has broken in two, is there anything I can do to save it (e.g. saw the trunk at a specific point and treat it) or is it a gonna requiring extraction?


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That is not a palm, it's either a Yucca or Cordyline...not sure. Yes, you can root the top part that has broken off and start another plant, the bottom part will also recup. If it were a palm, it most definitely be adios. Good luck.

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Cordyline australis. It has no problems regrowing.

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jdoram(8 uk)

Thank you. I am much relieved it has not at its end. Looking forward to new growth.

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