Looking for peppers (not too hot) that burn lips

bjdurham(z7a GA)June 22, 2012

Any suggestions for varieties of peppers to grow next year (not too hot) that give a pleasant burn to the lips similar to the heat in korean food?

I buy powdered korean red pepper at asian markets but have no idea which variety of pepper it is.

I grow tabasco and a half dozen other varieties. Don't care for cayenne which stings the tip of the tongue.

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Jalapeno, Kung Pao, or paprika

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bjdurham(z7a GA)

Good to know about kung pao. I'm growing it this year but it's still green.

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You could try them at all different stages before red ripe. They are like the Jalapeno in the sense that you can eat them green with out that vegetable green taste with no heat like some of the other varieties.

That way if you think the heat is enough while green or orange pick then, if you want more heat pick when purple/black or red.

Here is a pic of the different stages

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You could also try Rain Forest or Fresno or Chimayo.
John A

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bjdurham(z7a GA)

I'll make a note of these. I found seeds for 2 Korean hybrids online too.

Trying the Kung Pao green was a good idea. I picked one that was curling and about 6" long. The lower third didn't have any heat but the rest was pleasantly hot. Very interesting heat. It started on the back of my tongue then moved forward to the tip and into my nose and then the final burn was on my lips. Glad I planted these.

Made brownies today from a mix and snipped a ripe tabasco (overwintered) into hot water and let it cool. Removed the pieces before adding the water to the mix. Couldn't taste it at all but it had a cumulative heat. It was good and will try 2 tabascos next time.

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So, the brownie mix calls for water and you just steeped the pepper in the water you used for the brownies???? I have never thought of going that route! When I've added peppers to cookies or anything like that, I've just used dried / powdered ones and added them directly. But, that's a cool idea. TFS!

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bjdurham(z7a GA)

Yes, steeped is the right word. :)

What kinds of cookies and other goodies do you add powdered pepper to? I have a huge stash of hot pepper powder.

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Just a plain sugar cookie recipe and mix in some powder in the dough. We add a couple Lemon Drop peppers. You know they are there, but, they're not geared for chili heads. :-) I also add habanero powder to peach pie. 1 is plenty for me. Really, the possibilities are endless.

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