Green house is no more.

us_marineDecember 3, 2012

Well, there is pretty much nothing left of my green house. We had some pretty strong winds.

Looks like my green house coconut is going to face winter with out all the added heat. Did get some damage and lost a frond which isn't good. It had barely any fronds to begin winter with after the infection. The new fronds still haven't started to regain size either so this can be interesting. Especially since I put it near a south facing wall with some protection from rain and this winter is supposed to be mild. Can't expect much from a sickly coco though.

- US_Marine

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

Sorry to hear that. That last storm had some intense wind! what kind of greenhouse was it?

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I would definitely try to put up a temporary structure. I would use some pvc and leave it open till they call for bad weather. A sick coco probably won't make it other wise.

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lol the wind was crazy huh? And the green house was just an easy up. Wasn't meant to last even though I would like it to. The UV rays weakend the material and the wind just ripped it to pieces.

Heres the coco, coco # 2:

As you can see its not in the best condition. But thats pretty much how it looked and how much growth it had this summer. All that stunted growth... But for the most part the fronds are still ok. The soil did get soaked. But it should be alright anyway. I did plant it in a fast draining sandy mix for that reason. I didnt really expect this one to be alive this long. But its chances of survival isn't good at all if those fronds dont start returning to normal even if the temps were warm. But I won't let it freeze.

Heres how everything else is doing:

coco # 1

This guy really never gave me problems until I bought the one above.It ended up getting infected as well. I stopped most of it, but I guess I havn't stopped it all the way. I think it still needs to be sprayed again but I'll have to wait until warmer weather. It does look ratty but by this time next year it should make a good recovery. It does have a pretty bad infestation of palm aphids. I can't seem to get rid of them! lol. Soapy water doesnt kill them either. Other than that it is still growng, and I am amazed how beautiful that one frond is. Its such a dark green, I've never seen a Golden Malayan with dark fronds like that, well from a frond that was outside in full sun. All the newer ones and a few of the older ones were starting to darken up before being infected. Now they have died back and lightend/ yellowed a bit.



Almost time. lol

- US_Marine

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Marine we got some of those winds too but nothing like yall. We are heading into round #2 of windstorm 2012.

Click for weather forecast

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Wally world(wal-mart) sells clear pvc plastic by the yard in various thicknesses.
May be possible to fix it or make something new out of it.

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

if Jim can grow a washy outdoors in zone 5 then we should be able to grow a coconut outdoors in zone 9, right? lol

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@ chadec- Sorry man, I didnt see your post until now. But yeah that could work. Thought about it a bunch of times. What I like about that idea is its pretty easy to set up and take down and you can make it a big as you want.

@ earthworm73- Yeah it was crazy over here! I thought there would still be a large amount of leaves on the trees passed December,but for the most part the wind and rain took care of that. lol Hopefully round 2 for you guys won't be bad.

@ jimhardy- Thats another good idea. How do those stand against strong winds? And do you have experience on making taller and wider ones?

@ ericthehurdler- You'd think.But I really havn't tried it yet. But I must ask myself, what will I do when it gets too big? lol. Eventually it will get big.And idk how you would protect it then. Just looking around at the washy's, cidp's, queens etc I can already tell it will be a challenge to protect a mature tree.Just imagine trying to protect one of them in winter.. Thats why I am rather glad I have a Golden Malayan, at least it will only get about 60ft, instead of 100ft like a But I really want to find a fiji dwarf. Its supposed to be a true dwarf and would be perfect. I just can't find any.

- US_Marine

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Your shredded bananas look like mine did after Hurricane Sandy.

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The biggest enclosure I have now is 8' tall and it has not blown away yet but stay tuned.

You can buy a thickness that it would take a tornado to destroy it-anchoring them into the ground is always best.

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