new cross. bell x.....

scgreenthumb1987(8)June 8, 2014

i saved my seeds from my bell pepper last year. now that its producing i got this....

what do yall think?

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esox07 (4b)

Hmmm, looks kind of like an Anaheim. What other peppers did you grow last year that it might have crossed with?

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banana, hot banana, Cayenne, jalapeno, orange habanero, chocolate bhut.... thats really the only ones that was close to my bells. my bet is on banana or hot banana from the way it looks. well that one looks, they all look different. about 10 pods on it. i just chose to take a pic of this one because its the biggest . i know they dont cross easily but wouldnt it be nice if it was the orange hab it crossed with? lol

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jutsFL(9b (Orlando))

Now this has the potential to be quite the interesting cross, keep us updated for sure !


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sjetski(6b NJ)

Going by the leaves, and pod shape, i'd agree. Looks like an annuum x annuum cross. Unless your Bell pepper last year was an intentional F1 hybrid, if it was then the offspring would be reverting back to their original lineage.

I would hold onto seed from that same pod because it looks like a winner.


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

You might have got yourself a "POD" of gold.
I second, Hold on to the seeds from that pod and let us know about the taste and heat

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Ok. Will do yall. Wonder how long it's going to take to that it's being watched lol.

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Well. It's one hell of a producer with 10 or so large peppers on it and It's the tallest pepper plant in my garden now.

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ronnyb123(Zone 9)

A long hab like that would be awesome.

Hope its hot. Maybe you could do additional crossing.

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Curiosity has gotten the better of me. When I get off work in the morning I'll pick one of the smaller pods (saving the one in the pic for seed collection) and eat it. I may be wrong but from pod shape, leaf shape, and general plant characteristics I'm really leaning towards it being a bell x banana. Which a few friends of mine that can't handle heat are super excited about. Would make a great salad pepper as my mom said lol. I had planned on getting my feet wet in the crossing and breeding world over the coming winter but it looks as tho I'm going to start learning early lol.

I'm going to continue this cross as it is and attempt to make 2 variations. One mild and one hot. Any pointers would be appreciated as I've never intentionally done this. On the hot version I would like to cross it with cowhorn (for more heat and prolific traits while keeping the pepper at a very large size) and giant bhut for obvious reasons.

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Cut one and tried it. Its....weird. it has the smell of a bell pepper but the taste is hard to describe. It is super juicy. Like bitting into a honeydew Mellon juicy with about the same texture. Even tho we haven't had rain in almost 2 weeks this pepper retained a crazy amount of fluid. It honestly tastes and fells more like a Mellon than a pepper.

Oh. 0 heat. None at all.

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lundaesundae(Zone 6)

that looks and sounds very interesting! definitely keep us informed on how it turns out.

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jutsFL(9b (Orlando))

Odd characteristics thus far. Have to see how the ripe ones end up now I suppose. The heat aspect can change significantly with ripe pods - and I'm really curious as to the final color of them as well.


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