Guillot Sunset

rox146July 8, 2014

First time Guillot Sunset has bloomed for me....nice scent. roxanne

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Very pretty flower, luv the colors. May I ask where did you get it from?
I could be wrong but based on that one pic and the angle it looks a bit different than Guillots. Here is a pic of mine taken after the June Gloom last year so it was still cool around 72 to 75 degrees. Buds big tree in Huntington Beach looks the same as mine during the early months of summer.

Again I may be wrong based on that single bloom, but you may want to contact the person you got the Guillots from and have them verify... Just an FYI.
Again gorgeous colors...
Cheers thanks for sharing.

Mahalo nui loa

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well, it was tagged Guillots...wonder what the difference is between sunrise and sunset? Love yours much better than mine. I have 1 I won at the raffle that Bill donated last year...should bloom next year and then I have 1 it has taken me FOREVER to root from Derrick at Paradise. This one was from Lowes about 4 years ago...thanks so much for your in put....really like yours, what is the scent?

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Thanks. My Guillots is from Buds tree via Marilynn.
Hmmmm... Scent? I seem to remember a rose note to it, but not super strong, I am not really a scent person, more visual. Ill have to check when I go to my patch Fri to get some cuttings and Ill let you know as its blooming. Shaun will be sending off your cutting this week after I cut it this Fri.

Oh and if you got a Guillots from Bill it also would be from Buds tree, so you got the real deal from him.
Guillots has a good growth habit, great bloomer.


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My Guillot's is the fastest growing of all my plumies (and the largest) - I love it!

These are what my flowers look like in intense heat (actually, slightly redder than they are here):

When it's not as hot, they look more like freak's picture.

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well, I have decided after all the help from this great and wonderful forum that I must have at least 5 mislabeled trees I thought /assumed had the correct name. Hoping Laura and Peg can maybe tell me their true identity when they are here. Mahalo for all your help.

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I also agree that it is a fast growing tree. Laura gave this to me as a cutting for my birthday 3-4 years ago. It has produced an inflo for me but it was over the winter and I lost it :( I was amazed at the speed of growth though! It definitely is one of my most vigorous trees!


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Grown near beach, Los Angeles area in Sept. in very bright shade...
stunning blooms.
I procured a cutting
Thanks MOM!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

The one you got via me is from one of my trees that are all from Bud's front yard. As Daogirl showed, it can be almost red like a Lani but for me they are like James shot most of the time. Mine are still blooming today. They also have that beefy growth like a Jeannie or a Lavender. Also, there is not sunrise. That is in the Kaneohe sunrise or sunset.

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tdogdad, that is the biggest inflo I have ever seen. Looks like a beach ball! What a beautiful tree!

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