ideas to espalier vine on wall

mrtoad(7b NC)October 30, 2009

i found the following photo in a gardening magazine - i would like to duplicate this idea - vine would be on brick wall of my home facing the west and would get the afternoon sun - i live in zone 7b - thanks for any suggestions

please note - i am duplicating vine on wall only - not the fountain - not the lights

mr toad

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Wow, that's really dramatic! I'll take a guess and say maybe honeysuckle? I hope someone with more plant knowledge responds soon :)

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

This would be gorgeous with fruiting trees. Is this the bathroom wall from the Atlanta Botanical Garden? It sure looks like it, by the entrance to the children's garden.

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This thread is a little old, but I just saw it and thought I would mention that honeysuckle might not be the best idea - it grows fast and so would fill in fast, but it grows so fast it is hard to keep it looking neat like in the picture. I did something similar on a fence with honeysuckle a few years ago, and finally let it spill over on the top for a more natural look - I just couldn't keep it up otherwise. I swear it would grow 4 inches in a day sometimes!

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I have that photo saved too ;-) If I remember the details correctly, that planting in the photo is confederate jasmine. It has shiny leaves and is everygreen and has lovely smelling white flowers in the spring (I have one growing on a trellis in a pot). I'm in Atlanta (zone 7, not sure if it's A or B).

I plan to use confederate jasmine when I create a similar pattern on a large brick wall in our backyard. I'll use loop screw thingies into the brick or mortor and run galvanize wire onto the diamond pattern for the vine to grow around. In a few years, I hope it will look like that photo.

Good luck. Susan

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