espalier vine on circular wire

mrtoad(7b NC)October 2, 2009

i saw something like this a few years ago at the castle of leeds in southern england  and ask a friend to make this metal structure  it is about 8 feet tall and has approximately 28 feet of wire for the vine to run  now  i need a suggestion  a flower / or fruit / or nice leaves / i am not sure a grape or scuppernong would work here  full sun Â

i do not want to cover and hide the structure  i would like a vine that could be trained and have one main trunk  this structure is located in yard near entrance to potager

Any ideas to share  thanks so much

The structure at leeds had a grape vine that was over 75 years old  vine was arm size

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If they had a grape vine in England, why do you think it would not work for you? I don't know that much about grapes :)

How about a honeysuckle? We're in zone 4, but my Mom has one she trained over an arch that winds around the curved metal up the sides and shows off the design of the arch.

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Honeysuckle will be very invasive and you will have to trim it, but it is a nice bee plant! Great home remedy for poison oak, sumac, or ivy! I used the leaves of it to get rid of a stubborn case, cut them up small, put the juice of it on my rash 4 or 5 times a day and it worked better than the zinc cream!

If you make homemade soap, sachets, candles, or perfunes, you will love honeysuckle! I believe it grows in vine and in bush form. I had tons growing around the house I live in last year!

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