World Food Production Must Double by 2050

eltejanoJanuary 9, 2010

With no outside work to do in this cold weather, I found an interesting article this morning. Summary:

"Implementing technology and improving communication skills worldwide are keys to meeting the goal of doubling food production by the year 2050 says Syngenta executive Vern Hawkins. World population trends have led many experts to predict farmers worldwide will need to double their output by 2050 to feed the global population. Can we do it?"

Full article at:

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Good old USA is a magnut for evil plant monkies breeding and selling the best clone you gotta have for 10 bucks cause it's the best. Slamming the clones. Hi tech super clean facilities are going under because who need's it.

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mtny(SW MT zn 3)

how about a little self restraint here folks.....long overdue we simply must adress population growth ,health and education on our fair planet ...and then the wonderful folks at monsanto, cargill ,sygenta will have a harder time selling their BS....the next green revolution will be GREEN

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Reality is that modern science has increased food production along with the negatives. If the world all went organic, it would need to clear more land to feed less people. It is a tricky situation that should not go to one extreme or the other.

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Mtny says "....we simply must address population growth.."

How, pray tell? Mass sterilization at birth, mandatory abortion, genocide of undesirable populations, birth control chemicals or something that that depresses sexual urges in food products and public water supplies?

More "education" is pie-in-the sky - we can't even teach people to read, for heaven's sake, let alone keep them from making babies!

The only realistic, humane hope to avert mass famine in coming decades lies in plant science and bio technologies. Rather than bashing Syngenta and Cargill we ought to be encouraging their research. Any truly succesful "green" revolution would necessarily entail global warfare and unprecedented human suffering. The masses aren't going to return to a 19th century lifestyle without a fight.

Does a slight risk of dying prematurely of cancer justify such necessarily draconian measures by fascist governments? (People are never going to vote themselves back to the Dark Ages).

This is a classic case of wanting to have one's cake and eat it too. The pristine natural world is history. It will never return - gone forever. Let's learn to live with modern realities, as the gentleperson in Cape Cod suggests, rather than dreaming about restoring Camelot.


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The world's population will double by 2050? What about 12/21/12?

The key is to use dinosaur manure in gardens and fields.


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