No boom Plumeria

rolfastJuly 18, 2011

I have this plumeria that I just stuck in the ground and now the trunk is 5 inches in diameter and about 8 ft tall. I cannot remember where I got but did not buy it. It was planted in the lawn together with the grass.Since I had it, barely had flowers and I don't know if too much watering is the reason. At this time in Los Angeles, my neighbor's Plumeria has lots of bloom. Both have good sun exposure except his is really pruned with very few branches. Mine have a lot of branches and cannot rule out if this is the reason for less bloom. My plumeria's color is white and yellow at the center. Is there anybody out there who can help educate me on this problem?

Thank you.

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It sounds healthy and should probably be blooming at that size. However, they vary a LOT in growth and blooming habits. It could be your tree is a very large-growing type that just isn't ready to bloom yet and your neighbor's is a lanky type that blooms earlier in life.

I've also heard that some growers feel plumeria trees must be deprived of water over winter to force more flowers in the spring and summer. Maybe your tree is having such an easy time in your yard that it doesn't feel the need to flower much and produce seeds. Most other seed-bearing types of trees like oaks will produce seeds like crazy as a reaction to stress because they think they're going to die. Just a thought.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

You also have to remember that every tree is different. Is it the same variety? Did your cutting come from this tree? I would imagine that its a different variety.

One thing that we all know here is that they will bloom when ready and they can take a while to respond to all of your pampering!!! Have you fertilized it lately? I would also make a bed around the trunk and keep the grass away from the trunk. Give it some border free of grass and anything to bother the roots

Just a few suggestions..

It sounds like a real beauty with a trunk that sixe, thats why i would give it its own place in the yard to give it the attention it deserves!!!

Hope this helps..

Laura in VB

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you only need to water once a week...they like it best when you use a sprinkler on them in the morning or at night. Try 1/2 tsp. plant epsom salt per gallon distilled water or some mollases..

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I cannot remember where I got this cutting but not from my neighbor because I just notice his this year. His is as big as mine with about ten branches sticking up in the air. Each branch have few leaves only at the top then cluster of flowers. His house is five houses from mine. I will try to ask about it, if I see him. I have tried epsum salt and fertilizer. It blooms late but I can easily count them but not the branches and leaves. I will lessen watering but the grass will suffer. I remember less watering before but the leaves start falling. I will try removing some branches, thin the whole structure and see what happens. Thanks anyway to all.

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