Been awhile. Got some pics

bradleyo_gwDecember 27, 2010

Hey all, long time no post. Been busy since spring with many projects and until this recent vacation, don't get on the computer long enough to post. I haven't posted since spring so I have a few old pics to post. I didn't actually take a lot of pics this year.

Here's me with my banana from Sept.

On the right, my souvenir from the Outer Banks this year. Minor on the left in the corner is about to undergo winter #2

Corner minor made a nice comeback from last winter

Bed in bottom right corner is new this year, I've already extended it.

Xeric bed filling in. I had a few new additions this year from Triple Oaks and Jim Kelly

Water line blew up this year

7 feet deep

Banana came back from corm. Trunk rotted aver the winter in storage.

McCurtain in foreground and needle behind going into winter #2, palmetto behind them going into winter #1.

Palmetto going in to winter


I'll post a few more in another thread

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Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Glad everything looked so nice this summer and is doing good!
Good luck!

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Glad your waterline wasn't under your plants!

My Y.gloriosa flowered this year and put out
quite a few babies.....hopefully it will throw
out a branch or two and not lose it's size.

That Abyssinian is going to be a monster next year!

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Jim, the Abyssinian should be great if I can save it. Last year the entire trunk rotted in storage, I didn't know if it would come back but just stuck it in the ground and hoped. Well, it came back. I had stored it exactly the same way as I had 2 years ago, which is bare root. I'm trying it in a pot this winter with minimal light and water. Hopefully I can keep all the trunk. It's still throwing out big leaves but it's hurting for light, and it's so big I have no place to keep it where it would get any more light. Actually that just sparked an idea. My master bathroom faces south....... but no the wife will probably not allow it. Or would she?

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