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spider66November 11, 2006

Do any of you know a good website I can look at for different design ideas for potagers?

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Rosalind Creasy has books on the French Garden and Italian Garden, both of which I bought at Amazon.com. They are paperback and with many color pictures. They were reasonably priced as I recall, about $15 American each. They're in storage right now waiting for our house to be built. There is also a beautiful website called Allthingsfrench.com that has wonderful pictures and information by an American living in France. She has gorgeous pictures on potagers and espellier (spelling?)and unique French items. Villandry has a website you've probably seen if you've googled the word 'potager'. There is also a well-known landscaper here in the US, P. Allen Smith, who has a beautiful book on building his home(actually he had it moved to the site) and gardens. He was very much inspired by English estate and cottage gardens, but his designs have that bountiful veg and flower feel. I don't think potagers are well known here in the US. I've not seen one referred to as such anyway. I would love to hear about your plans for a potager.

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Thanks for that. I'll take a look. I live on a hill with a norwest aspect (perfect here) and below the house have a 10ft sq flat piece that I plan to build a potager on. I have designed it in a circle. There will be a full circle in the middle (about 3ft3 in diameter) and paths will divide the outer very large circle in to 5 sections. It will look rather like a wheel. The paths that represent the spokes will be 6ft6 long. Quite big really. I have just bought 900 old bricks to build the walls with - I will make them 4 bricks in height so that the sections are raised beds. I want to see if anyone else has done anything similar. It's a pity I don't have a scanner, I could scan my drawing for all to see!!!

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manzomecorvus(Austin TX 8B)


There is a forum for potagers on Gardenweb...y'all outa mosey over and check us out.

Also, if you yahoo, I set up a yahoo club to hold photos, mainly from gardenweb but also other places: Click Here

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Hello, Spidey.
At my blogsite www.sharingthyme.blogspot.com, see a drawing of my relatively new potager garden design and list of the great design reference books and websites I used. There is my detail text describing each step taken in my posting 'Design and Construction'. LEt us know what you decide upon. My potager is coming along, not completed, but a wonderful deisng and discovery journey...plants get expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharing Thyme

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tas123(z5 MI)

I just got "The Ornamental Vegetable Garden" by Diane Anthony - it is a wonderful book just full of pictures and ideas.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Spider, did you build the garden with the bricks? Would love to see pics.

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