Jerusalem artichokes?

zachslc(6 Salt Lake City)November 8, 2006

Does anyone here grow Jerusalem artichokes in their potager? I ask because I have some to trade and no one seems to be interested over in the plant exchange. They make a nice decoratice and edible potager addition. Around here they're hard to find. Maybe that's not the case elsewhere.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I grew them in the past and loved them. Since I've moved to NY I never see them anymore. I think most people don't know what they are. They are lovely shredded in salads.

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the books I have all say: Buy them from the grocer, stick them in the ground... and then they say... you'll never get rid of them.

i love them too! did you know their name comes from the italian name of the plant, girasol, "turn toward the sun"? and that they're from the sunflower genus (helianthus)?

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I grow them here in Oklahoma, but not in my Potager. They are invasive. They would be a nice addition in one corner if you can plant them in a deep bottomless container so they cannot spread elsewhere.

I got mine years ago while living in Louisiana. A lot of folks there eat them or did when I lived there, anyway. They are part of the LA French quisine, for sure!

I love the little sunflowers in late summer. Make beautiful flower arrangements and don't make me sneeze like most sunflowers do.

They were one of the little sunflowers that Holly Hobbie held in her hand, for any of you "Flower Children" who remember her from the 70's.

Sunflowers are the symbol of Spiritualism because "They Always Seek the Light".

~ sweetannie4u

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