Small plants producing fruit

UrbanscoutJune 21, 2011

Hey guys, I just want to start off by saying that the community has helped me in all so many ways and my gratitude to all of you.

I've started growing peppers in May (Well no peppers yet but a few flowers.) My friend had gave me a whole bunch of other peppers which were pretty small but some had fruit on them. My question is if I leave any fruit on the plants will they cease in growing bigger and bushier? Any tips would be great!

Thanks guys!


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they will continue to grow w/ fruit on them they will just grow @ a slightly reduced rate depending on how small u r talking about it may be the best idea to snip the flowers and or fruit to let the plant grow but if it isn't too small I say just let the peppers grow

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Leave it alone, it's fruiting, the very thing you're after.

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I would only snip them if they are really small plants. Once mine get about a foot tall I let them go.

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They're way smaller that a foot but i ended up snipping them it's alright. I'm pretty sure they'll keep producing more fruit. Thanks guys!

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My jalapeno plant is producing extremely small peppers and the plant is small...can you tell me what may cause this??

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