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resalesally(6B/7A)December 26, 2011

I am about to convert a lunge ring into a garden. It is about 120 feet in circumference. My plan is to divide it into 4 quadrants with a circular path dividing two larger beds, per quarter. The total beds will be 8. I will most likely cover the area with cardboard before putting horse manure on top. I will mulch the paths with bark. I plan on putting potatoes, squash and corn out there, as well as other sprwalers. Any suggestions?

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

Hi, Sally--

I had to look up "lunge ring" to find out what sort of enclosure you were writing about. OK, a sort of paddock for horses. What I coudn't figure out is the size: 120 feet in circumference is about 35 ft. in diameter. Is that what you mean?

That's about the size of my fenced kitchen garden, 35 x 30. My suggestions, but obvious to you, I'm sure: shorter plants to the south side, climbers on the north side. Make the paths wide enough for your biggest wheelbarrow. Put in a few edible flowers such as nasturtiums and borage, and salad fixings (lettuces, radishes etc.) around the edges.

Good luck!

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Hi Sally, I'd recommend the smaller size bark for your paths, the large bark chips are awful to walk on. Plus the smaller chips break down into nice dark earth in about 2 years and can be shoveled into your beds before you replace it with fresh chips.

It sounds like a beautiful garden space, being round like that. I agree with Carol, you want it to be utilitarian but also has to be pretty to appease your inner gardener, so include flowers. If you add a few just for beauty purposes, you can use the potager for a cutting garden as well. In a space that large you should have plenty of room.

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I fence the area in for my chickens....will have to find a different place for the sprawlers :)

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