georgez5il(z5 IL)January 4, 2005

I was preparing a bid for a comercial project when I noticed the only method that was approved for this project was seeding the area then spreading straw. When I asked the architect if hydroseeding would be acceptable he said NO! that there was some discussion about how ineffectife hydromulch is. We have used this method for over 10 years with no problem.. Have you heard/experienced any difficulity with hydroseeding?

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Not really .. How well the seed bed or ground is prepaired for the seed and the after care that the seed gets after planting is the most important part of getting good results ... I have used hydroseed and it is a good way to go when dealing with large areas ... Saves a lot of work.

The bad results happen when hydroseed is installed on bad ground and little after care is given ...

Architects are not known for their expertise in landscaping or gardening. LOL

Give the straw to the horses.

Good Day ...

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serenoa(z8b, FL)

I agree with the Mohave Kid. Grass species selection may be an issue, too. I have had good luck with hydroseeding. In particular, it helps hold the soil and seeds from washing in a normal rainfall better than straw.

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.. and you don't smell like cow poo all day !!!

Good Day ...

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A few years ago, I ran across a specific circumstance where the bid specified a salt tolerant grass species that added significantly to the cost of the seed. Did the usual questioning and found that yes, this specific seed HAD to be used. Did the job and the seed germination rate was extraordinarily low...so low that the job had to be done over.

The moral of the story...when you run across something in a bid that makes you raise your eyebrows, find out why. Is it merely a quirk of the person who write the specs, or is there a specific set of circumstances at the job site that dictates out of the ordinary measures?

And my favorite bid specification was for a riparian restoration project in north central North Dakota...and the bid spec'd that all plant materials were to come from within 300 miles of the site. Yeah, right. 300 miles from North Dakota gets you No Where.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Thanks for the imput. Heptacodium Yes I also have had many "strange" requests including using turkey dropping as fertilizer for the lawn but this one was the requirement from a firm with a so so reputation& it made no sence ..... Then I remembered the competation uses a hydromulch system different from mine... there is NO agatation of tank contents & the slury passed directly through the pump which MAY break or damage the seed. This may have created the illusion that all hydromulch systems are a problem.

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We just had our lawn hydroseeded three and a half weeks ago and it doesn't look anything like we expected. We have bare spots everywhere and weeds. When the landscaper first sprayed it on I called concerned because it didn't look at all like I expected. It didn't form a crust or anything close. There were just random blobs of hydroseed with bare dirt between. He assured me that was normal. I don't think it is.

Can you tell me if this is normal application or results? This is his second time doing our lawn as the first time failed. He used straw even though he quoted us for hydroseed and that came in awful and had a lot of areas that flooded. This is his redo and I feel so mad. All the time and money spent watering and this is what we get? Am I being unresonable? Should we expect a fairly full/even lawn from hydroseeding? Is it normal to have many bare spots not covered by the hydroseed to start? Are many weeds normal? Lots of crab grass everywhere and then just random other weeds in the areas the grass isn't coming in.

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