Short Stubby Peppers from my 1 year old plant

jsidhuJune 15, 2011

I bought some of these already started plants from the local store. IT started out allright, but then the fruit started turning short and stubby. I thought it was due to the temperature last year. Well, this plant survived from last year and is pretty big, looks like a miniature tree..

There are a lot of flower on it, and some small peppers.. but the peppers are short and stubby.. I think this plant was either Habanero or Jalapeno or something along those liens...

What can I do to fix this? There are so many blooms on this plant and I fear that its all going to goto waste..

I have three plants, they are all showing the same symptoms..

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Looks like a cherry pepper to me. Hard to tell from the pics.

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My Jal produced weird fruit at the start of last year but the fruit became normal in shape, size, taste and texture as the season wore on. Give it some time.

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I have that problem when the temp is to cold or to hot. Peppers are picky . Like Farnell said they will eventually turn around. You can pinch off the deformed peppers. May help the others get bigger.

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If they were short and stubby last year and short and stubby this year, then I would rule out weather as you are not having identical weather too last year. I would guess two things: 1) They are normal the way they are 2)Some other condition such as light, nutrients or other factors that have not changed from last year. Those plants look pretty big and green, you might try a fert with a bit more phosphorus in it and a bit less nitrogen. But I pretty much a novice so take my thoughts for what they are worth.

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My plants did that when i over fertilized them, all the peppers stopped growing..and stayed small untill the ferts wore off. Too much nitrogen i think. Once the ferts wore off the peppers resumed growing...It was weird...

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