Rex Beg. Horomone or water?

a1chemyst(7-Georgia)January 4, 2010

ok well i saw the last post about succes with rex, but i was wondering which way is faster and more effective/ efficient... i would prefer info on rex, as its the only kind of begonia i have, but any other type would help also. i have 'green light' rooting horomone (IBA 0.1)... or should i use water? for me the only concern is if it works, but it would be nice for it to root quickly. thanks

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The rooting hormone you have will promote root growth AND reduce the time for roots to form

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I am not a big fan of rooting in water for anything. Ken Beatie--from get growing-- once said that the roots formed in water rot off and new roots are formed. It made sense to me because it takes quite a while for water started cutting to show new growth.

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