Feeding Yucca Rostrata

pmac22(Zone 6)December 25, 2013

Hi everyone,
Does anyone here have experience with yucca rostrata?
I have one that does not look good at all, full of yellow. It was formerly growing in 100% potting soil without good drainage. I moved it into a larger pot and took out most of the soil and mixed with perlite and small pebbles to increase drainage. I have read that these guys do not like their roots touched so I know this plant is not happy right now. Is there something I can feed the yucca rostrata to get some life back? I need serious help with this one.


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This is not a good time to be feeding this plant as it is not a winter grower. I would limit watering to a min. of every two wks. With the amended soil and dry roots the plant should be able to recover.

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pmac22(Zone 6)

Good news I just checked and there is new growth coming out that I haven't seen for a while. It looks like it's coming back! I will continue to water min every two weeks.
Thanks for your help.

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Good luck! I've seen rostratas in the ground here do amazing and have pretty fast growth rates and I've seen some that have just sit there for years and not grown at all so any growth a all is probably a very good sign!

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They are super strong plants. Mine was attacked by pest this yr. And is in recovery now too.

When you have a chance I would switch your soil to a gritty mix. A quick google search will get you the proper mix. I use a custom mix of bark chips, builders sand and pea gravel only because those ingredints are easy to come by.

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Mine is planted out front in a hot, southern exposure. I never feed it. Don't think they need any fertilizer under normal circumstances. Pretty much carefree.

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Ive planted 4 rostratas this spring and they r doing great so far will see over this Michigan winter how they will do!

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