California Sunset blooms

qatpawJuly 10, 2008

My first plumeria to bloom this summer is California Sunset.

This is what the first blooms looked like a couple weeks ago.

The more recent ones are a different yellow. Part of it is time of day I took the picture, but it did lose some of the reddish edge it had at first.

I also got a single bloom (so far) from my Cancun Dreams. It was an inflo from last year that went dormant. I wasn't sure if they would still bloom or not after that.

Nebels Rainbow should be next! It has a nice inflo that is started to bud out.

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my gosh - that Cal Gold is breathtaking!

Does it have a nice fragrance? Where did you get it?

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Hi Gatpaw,
What is your name?

California sunset, not familiar with that one, is so pretty. Nice to see Cancun Dreams is nice colors, a C-star one. Nice colors
Karen B

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Hi Jeff n Jesse: The CA Sunset is from Jungle Jack's Nursery. Sometimes Home Depot carries a few, which is where I got mine. The frangrance is real nice. Not the same as the trandition Celedine. Maybe a slight spiciness to it. My friend said it smelled like vanilla, but then we don't agree on wine aroma either.

Hi Karen: My first year with plumeria's I got 2 C-Star varieties. The Cancun and a Playful. Last summer I posted pictures of Playful. It had a beautiful cascade of pink flowers. Since Cancun only had 1 flower I picked it and had it on the table. It looked great for over a week. The center got darker and the petals curled under. I read somewhere that the CA Sunset originated from the Penang Peach. Maybe it was on the Jungle Jack website. Their varities are all from Thailand. Anyway, I'm very happy with it.
Vivian (Qatpaw)

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Hello Vivian - so the "Jungle Plumeria" tags on the plumerias being sold at Home Depot and Lowes is actually Jungle Jack Nursery? I bought one this year that resembles Penang Peach. It was marked "rainbow".


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Kasie, The tag on mine said "Jungle Jack's Nursery". I'm not sure what HD may be selling this year. I haven't been to Lowes yet....guess I need to! What part of CA are you in?

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Hello Vivian - I am in Riverside County. My local HD and Lowes carry the Cstars plumerias. However this year, I've seen plumerias marked: Rainbow, Pink & White, White, Yellow, Pink by Jungle Plumeria. The one I got marked Rainbow looks like Penang Peach. There was also a white one with the most beautiful scent with slender kind of twisting petals(not Ammarons Curly White) that I didn't get because my husband was with me. The price to me was much better than Cstar and they have a better looking blooms on them.


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Kasie, I think the Home Depot down here (South San Diego) may carry different ones. My 2 C-Stars were from a HD in Riverside. I have family up there. Talked my mom into buying one also. She got her first bloom this week. Anyway, I haven't seen the same ones here. IF you want some really great plants and you should just happen to find yourself in the SD area around the first week of September you can go to the Plumeria Society's annual sale. It's so awesome!!

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Thank you for the information Vivian.


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