Cestrum Nocturnum and other 'jasmines'

sambal(z8 Seattle WA)January 6, 2008

Hi. I think this a question of taxonomy and I'm hoping I'm on the right forum. I have two jasmines. Cestrum Nocturnum and a so called 'star jasmine'. I have grown many other 'jasmines that have twining vines & many petaled leaves although the flowers are similar. The night blooming jasmine, (C. nocturnum) is in the Solanaceae family. Are the other jamines also in the Solanaceae family? Any help would be appreciated. SAM

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It's a common problem when dealing with common names - various types of plants are sometimes referred to by the same common name (i.e. "jasmine") when there is nothing more than a superficially similar appearance that relates them. True jasmines, members of the genus Jasminum, are in the Oleaceae or olive family. Star jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminoides, is not a true jasmine and is a member of the Apocynaceae or dogbane family. These tend to be plants from subtropical or tropical origins. There is also Gelsemium, Carolina jessamine/jasmine, which is also not a true jasmine and a member of yet a different plant famiily (Gelsemiaceae/Loganiaceae).

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