Just One Out of Chinese 5C

seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)July 20, 2014

Finally, I have some pods forming on my Chinese multi color. It started as purple: What is Next ?

Now that I am here: I am reporting a LOT of blossom drop across the board. Any ideas why ?
Thanks guys:


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I am having a lot of blossom drop too but am hoping it's from the heat from the past week, good looking plant

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What's next? Multi colors!

Seriously, the fruit usually change from purple to orange then red. Yellow-white sometimes occurs when fruit fist appears, but any combination is normal.

As for blossom, read attached.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pepper Blossoms Falling Off The Plant

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I'm growing a ghost pepper that turns purple during one of its stages!!!! I'm growing 4 types of ghosts this year. They all just started to get their buds... finally.

I'm doing a container garden on my patio... some plants get rain fall on them... most do not. When I was watering last week I did an overhead watering on one sweet pepper plants that doesn't get any rain and all of the blossoms fell off. They're now re-growing new buds to flower.
I've concluded I must be careful watering since they aren't use to over head water to make their stems strong enough to tolerate it.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)


That is an awesome plant. I can count 4 color on it.

This past 2 weeks we had an unusual heat wave, causing a lot of blossom drops. Now we are back to normal. Hope that my pepper will get started podding.

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Flower drop probable causes:

1. Day temp too high >95F
2. Night temp too low 85F
3. Too much nitrogen fertilizer
4. Too much water
5. Low light levels (reduces fertility).
6. Very low humidity (reduces fertility)
7. Poor air circulation (air circulation contributes to pollination).
8. Lack of pollinating insects.
9. Size of pot

  1. Too much mineral in feedwater.
  2. Too much grower attention/anxiety.
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Orekoc(7 Willamette Valley Oregon)

seysonn, how tall do they get? I'm looking for a pepper that is decorative (pretty) but one used for eating/cooking, that doesn't get more than 2 feet tall.

This one looks nice, thus the height question.


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