Chile de Agua

sleekit(10b)July 25, 2010

My mom picked up a Chile de Agua plant from the nursery. I think she was jealous of my pepper garden. The plant looks awesome. Healthy growth and some of the biggest upright pods I've ever seen. I googled it and found very little information aside from 4" long by 1" wide pods that ripen to red, and it's from Oaxaca.

Anyone grown these? What should I tell her to expect heat wise?

I think I'm going to take seeds from her to grow next year. Very sexy plant.


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I expect that Chile de Agua is a name made up by a purveyor. A web search shows yellow and red chiles with this name and I have never seen a chile with both red and yellow ripe fruit.

You're going to have to wait to find out what you have.

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how can i get the plants or the seeds?

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