Anyone interested in doing a trade?

andrew78(6)July 24, 2014

This summer I have some trees that need pruning. I have JJ Christina, Super Round, and Elsie that I also have an Elsie that came rooted to me last year.

I really want a Lurline(not Thai variety) but I have heard some people on Facebook talking about how this variety can be difficult to grow.

I would like to hear from anyone that has experience with growing it.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I have heard this is difficult as well.. So many stories.

Mine is doing great and I bought mine from Matt. It's growing well, but no blooms.. So don't let some discourage .. You can grow it!!! ;-)

Mine has been growing for two years and it is just fine!!!

Just like any other....


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I have one that I bought from mpg and I started 2 more from the mother plant but none of them have ever bloomed. But a person can hope. :) Barb

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I bought a Lurline cutting in 2006, it was 9 tips and about 3ft long. The first 2 yrs it grew like a weed, then one spring it developed Blacktip for the first time and got it every spring since. I finally have a huge inflo on only one branch. If my Lurline dies or has other issues I will not replace it as it is problematic.
Hope this helps

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I've got a lurline from fuzzy in hi last year and it hasn't had any trouble yet. No blooms but doesn't seem to be a compact variety either. Mine is a big three tip plant.

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I got my cutting from the same person as you did. Again the first 2 season it was fine then it started having issues, and after 8 yrs has an inflo. I also heard from others that Lurline can have issues with BT like Donald Angus and a few other plumies.
I hope your Lurline does not have the same issues that others and myself have had.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Kimo.. Eight years? Argh!! You have been waiting patiently!!


I applaud you!!

I hope mine doesn't take that long.. Lol. It might need a new home if so!! ;-)

Take care,


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cinnie0 (z 9b / So Cal)

Id love to get some cuttings from you.. I dont have any plumerias to trade but I have other things. If you have any extras to help me start my collection that would be great.

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