Propagating fir and spruces from cuttings/hormodin #3

kerwee41January 28, 2011

I read that it's possible to grow some spruces, firs and junipers from cuttings, and that mid-winter is a good time to start. Has anyone tried this? One thing that was suggested is to use a strong rooting hormone, like Hormodin #3. Never tried this before but will give it a shot. I have used RootTone before but that is probably to weak and not good for tree cuttings.

Any suggestions before I start?


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madrone(VancIsl BC)

Yes it is possible but it is very slow and the success rate is very low. You are right in using #3 rooting hormone. You will also need to take the right kind of cutting, usually a heel cutting, and pot it up using half perlite and half potting soil, such as Sunshine #1 in a propagation chamber. It then has to be kept over bottom heat and usually takes at least 8 months to pull roots. But give it a go. Good luck!

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