Suggestions for propagating Juniperis stems?

floyd2006January 6, 2007

My neighbor has a beautiful columnular Juniper. Its about 2' x 15' an I think it might be Juniperus Chinesis. I'd like to propagate from stem cuttings, but have never done this before.


What would be the ideal width and length of the stems to take? Also planting depth?

I don't have a misting system, but thought about planting in a large aquarium in moist sand? Does this sound like it will work?

Would a heating mat speed up rooting in time for outdoor planting in spring?

I need any advice that can be proffered. Thanks for looking at this.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Take a cutting 4-6 inches long with a heal. apply 0.4% IBA stick in well drained soil. Misting not needed. bottom heat helpful.

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Thank you, Georgez5il for your advice. I know I'm on the right path now. How deep should the 4-6 inch cuttings be planted--half way? Is there any chance that the scrap cuttings without a heal might sprout roots? I'm trying to do as many as possible from one tree.

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mickey_dee2002(zone5 MI)

On a four to six inch cutting, I would strip the needles off with my finger nail about half way and burry that potion in the rooting medium, sometimes a small heal will help the rooting process. This injury to the cutting stimulates the rooting process. Another alternative at this time of year is to dip them in a liquid rooting solution (I use Wood's or Dip n Grow diluted 1 to 5 with a 5 second dip)after scrapping off the needles and stick them in a flat of corse sand outside. Water them in and keep watered so they do not dry out. Right now, I have a 4' X 8' bed and three additional flats filled with various evergreen and deciduious cuttings. This method may take a while for them to root, but by next fall you will likely have roots. The following spring they can be planted out is a growing bed.

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