the results of the move. good and bad.

judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)July 16, 2013

well, I now live in Tampa. the move was crazy. we had so much more than I thought. I just got internet up and running today.

the move was not so great for my peppers. it could have been worse, I guess. one thing I had going in my favor was it was raining the whole time, and the peps were the last thing in the truck and the first thing out, so I don't think they got too hot.

however, a box fell on top of my ghosts and my habanero (the plants giving me the biggest issues. go figure). it looked a bit like this:

and this broke off my habanero. yes, that's a crushed pod you're seeing on the ground there. he was so close to being ready that he turned orange on the ground by the next day.

I hit all my plants with a fair helping of fertilizer yesterday. hopefully they'll forgive me.

it wasn't all negative though. here's my second harvest. all the thai's have since turned red on top of the fridge. I ate a few tonight, and they were amazing.

also, here's one of my brain strain pods. is he turning color already, or is he sunburned or something? he stopped getting any bigger only about 2 weeks ago, so it seems a bit early. also, that patch of color appeared on friday, this picture was taken today. and with my other pods that have changed color, once you see the first patch of color, the rest begins changing soon, or the color patch at least expands. this has stayed about the same size since it appeared.

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An unfortunate mishap, but sometimes ths kind of stress can really wake up a plant. I broke a large branch off of my main plant by accident last year. Later on, the plant shrugged it off and grew to amazing size. It's a tree!

As for fertilizing, I am inclined to go with the "small portions" theory on this - no matter the occasion. Others prefer the "big feast" method. I think the preference might depend on how your particular plants respond, because everyone's soil constituency is bound to be different.

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Well the good thing is you are in FL, one of the best places to grow peppers. With a box falling on them at least it was branches and not the main stem, now that would have been horrible. They will bounce back.

That Brain pod is starting to change, they change color slowly.

From the pics everything is looking good and not sure how many days they have been out but they look to be happy and not too stressed.


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judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)

the ghosts seem to have been woken up indeed. I keep seeing the petals fall off flowers without the rest of the bud falling off (the start of a pod), it keeps getting me excited, up until the rest of it falls off. I guess I should look at it as baby steps.

I am starting to see new red thai's every time I walk out back. I really need to get going on the hot sauce production. there's just sooooo many boxes left to be dealt with.

as for fertilizer, I never give them what the manufacturer would call a "regular" dose. I always give them a weaker dose, but somewhat more often. to me a "large dose" is still smaller than normal.

and yeah, FL is a great place for peppers. minus the heat. it seems to rain a lot in tampa, for 5 minutes at a time, at random intervals throughout the day.

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